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Shapehost Review - Best Virtual Private Server and Shared Hosting Provider

Shapehost Review - Best Virtual Private Server and Shared Hosting Provider

shapehost review 

 Shapehost is an excellent provider of fast, secure and reliable virtual private servers. And for the prices they are offering, it is imperative that you take action now and place your order. Here is a screenshot of the Windows 2008 server since I restarted it 10 days ago:

shapehost vps uptime

As I have said, the server has an excellent uptime and is very fast and reliable, it has no problems with running resource intensive tools.

And now they are offering special prices that you must not miss!

shapehost vps discount

Shapehost VPS F.A.Q

Q: Can I get a refund if for some reason I don't want to keep using the VPS?
A: Yes, you have 7 Days to ask for a refund. We are sure you will love our VPS though!

Q: The price that I pay now will always keep the same?
A: Yes, without a doubt. The price that you pay now with the discount will always be the same. Unless you upgrade.

Q: How can I connect to my VPS?
A: It's very, very easy. We provide you an IP, username and password. You can use Remote Desktop Connection, any Windows has that. There are other solutions for different OS (Mac, Linux) as well.

Q: Where are the servers located?
A: We currently have 11 different locations across Europe. You can check all of them when you choose to order a VPS plan.

Q: Is my VPS managed or administrated?
A: YES! We offer you FREE VPS administration, meaning that we will help you with any issue you encounter. We can even install a web server for you!

Q: How long will it take for my VPS to be fully setup?
A: After the payment, you will have your custom VPS setup in less than one hour.

Q: What operating systems can I have?
A: You can choose between 8 different operating systems. Windows 7, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Cent OS 7, Debian 7, Ubuntu 14 LTS, Ubuntu Server 14 LTS. You can have others too, feel free to contact us.

Q: Can I have more IPs or a custom hardware setup?
A: Yes, you can have more dedicated IPs and you can customize the RAM, Storage, CPU and more!

Q: Do the VPS come with any SEO tools?
A: We will be making special plan with SEO tools soon. For now, you can install ANY TOOL you want but we don't have any by default.

Q: Can I order a shared hosting plan without a VPS?
A: Of course. We have a separate page ONLY for shared hosting. We have a great offer there, for only $11 you can get unlimited EVERYTHING and 1 dedicated IP. With the coupon code it's even cheaper!

Q: Is your website secure?
A: Yes, we have a very strong security. We have a verified SSL certificate and HTTPS.

Q: What payment methods do you have?
A: We currently accept Paypal and any major Credit Card, with the help of 2checkout.

Fist month only 35% : SHAPEHOST35FM
Lifetime 15% : SHAPEHOST15

Do you have any question that is not answered here?  You can also access their website at

Customer testimonials (Customers' name aren't real for their protection):

 Jacob Dale

Hey guys,

I'm not the type who is giving a ton of reviews, but this services deserves it!

I have over 20 VPS from different companies in different locations, after I've tried ShapeHost for a month I've decided to move 10 of them on ShapeHost. I was really impressed by the speed and it's nice to have the support in Romanian

I highly recommend ShapeHost to all of you who are doing Social Media.
I moved 70% of my Mass Video Blaster VPS-es to ShapeHost and I think next month I will move with PinBlaster too.
I'm uploading 40% more vids/day just by moving to shapehost vps.

PS: I know Darius and Cristi for a while (before they started the whole hosting service) and I can tell you they are real PROs.

Eli Schwartz

I have been using the VPS Triangle from Shape.Host for a month now and so far there have been NO problems whatsoever, i am a very happy customer, the support has been great, Darius has helped me with the entire setup from the start and i will continue to use his services and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a cheap, reliable VPS.

Maurine Curnutte

Hi,I placed an order for VPS Square plan yesterday and got the VPS setup in less than in an hour. I already had a VPS with some other provider having SSD but this one is way better than the previous one in every aspect. Now, I can smoothly run my GSA and still do other things on the VPS at the same time without any lag. I am a very lazy person when it comes to setting up everything again and again, so I was a bit confused at first whether I should get a VPS from OP or not, but now after the purchase I am really happy with the performance and it was worth it. "Never Settle" .Overall, the service is really good and cheaper than the competitors out there. Support is excellent too , Darius is always online on skype and he checked up on me several times to ask if everything was fine with the VPS I ordered. Definitely, worth a try. P.S.-I am in no way associated with them, if you're still confused about the service, give it a try yourself. Thanks for the awesome service OP and good luck with sales.

Lynwood Dansby

Since I have bought a VPS Rectangle 2 weeks ago my server never went down, I am using Windows Server 2012 and all my tools work amazing, without lag or anything like that!
Internet Speed it's very fast and the support over skype quick.
I highly recommend them! I wish the coupon codes were available 2 weeks ago..

Margo Munley

If you are looking for a stable and great vps provider Shapehost is the right choice. They have great customer support, best server setups, they dont overload the servers and they put allot of love into their service.

Keep up the good work. 100% Recommended

Shane Ramirec

OK, After a week more or less, my vouch to you is here!
-Great response time in chat&Tickets.
-Great speeds.
-Great Server CPU.
-Great prices.

i give it 10\10!
i really liked your hosting mate good luck!
just ordering web hosting now to test it too!

Ashlyn Kanne

This was my first experience with a VPS. I first ordered one two and a half weeks ago and just subscribed for a second one through them. So far speeds have been very fast and there hasn't been any downtime. I've used the chat feature on their site and they have always been there to answer my questions. Not to mention the prices are the best I've seen. Very pleased!

Bart Hammerstone

Time to REVIEW:

I had some time to test their servers.I ordered 2 circle VPS when they launched here.One linux and one windows.For website and for seo tools.The servers they are very nice and fast.When i received my windows VPS i was thinking that it is in the room next to me.But it is in Canada and i am in Europe.So it is fast.
I am running 4 scrapebox V2,GSA SER,Captcha Breaker,TumblingJazz at the same time and it has no problems.
I am killing it right now on full power / CPU 100% but that one is Platform Identifier which runs on 1024 threads and consuming around 9-10 MB/s bandwidth.
The 4 scrapebox takes around 800 threads and the SER also 100,but thet don't consume that many resources.
I used to have problems with the website when i have a lot of visitors,at the moment i am not getting that rush,so i can't comment on that one,but so far it is good.
The config that we are talking about is 6 x 3.2 GHz CPU and 16GB RAM.The RAM will never use it,it all depends on the CPU.

The servers are good,powerful and for this price it is very unlikely that you will find deal like this.

Leisha Trenary

I usually don't post reviews or comments about other's services. But these guys they made me to move on and let me tell you. During my all time being an Internet Marketer - about 15 years - I don't remember, ever to see these kinds of results.
These servers are amazing, this is one thing, but because of the customer service I would give them 11 out of 10 maximum possible.
I have not relation, I don't work for them, but they make things to look so much smooth when you need them the most.

Can't express my gratitude enough for these guys / server. Good for you guys, and keep up the good work !!!!!!!!!!

Angel Ibbotson

Been using my Rectangle VPS for a month now. Did not want to write a review until I tested it a bit more.
Extremely satisfied. And this not coming from someone who uses it as his first VPS (I've had more than 5 dedicated servers, more than 50 VPSes in the last 6 years or so).
I have one located in France. Net speed is always around 800 / 800. My ping is 30 - 40ms (accessed from central europe).
RDP is as smooth as it can get. Seriously I tried watching a movie over it and it was still watchable. That's insane.
dariusdarius added me on skype when I had some issue and he always responded within a few minutes. Even when he wasn't online he responded using his mobile phone.
I'm not affiliated in anyway. Just wanted to give a positive review since it really is an insane service for only 35$ per month.
It's a steal.

Merideth Wessendorf

Quick Review: First impression wasn't good since I ordered right before the Easter holiday and my ticket wasn't answered until days later. Also there was a few bumps and problems but things got sorted out quickly.

Right now I'm pretty happy with the VPS (rectangle). The speed is lighting fast. This is literally a steal for this price, the service and the support they offer. You can't really find anything else like this anywhere, especially for the price. Thanks for a great service. If you guys can keep this up, this might be one of the best VPS providers on the net.

Danny Studniarz

I ordered one of your rectangle VPS earlier today and it was delivered really quickly. I never leave feedback before actually trying the server but the price is incredible and they have a lot of locations to choose from. So far I am impressed.

Luigi Weisz

My GSA Ser works better on this vps, it makes lots of backlings and I still can use the VPS for other things! I really recommend it for you guys.

If you are still not convinced, head over to and order your virtual private server because if you are not happy, they will refund you in 7 days after your order!